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malignant tumor originating in glandular epithelium

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7,8) Most ductal adenocarcinomas arise in the peripheral zone and extend toward the urethral lumen, although occasionally ductal cancer arises in the transition zone exclusively.
Mortality rates for esophageal and gastric adenocarcinomas are among the highest of common cancers, with 5-year survival of 18% and 28%, respectively.
In the case presented here, the patient underwent right nephrectomy and the histopathology report confirmed the diagnosis of renal adenocarcinoma.
At present, adenocarcinomas of the appendix are frequently treated similarly to colon cancer.
The mass was determined to be a locally aggressive rectal adenocarcinoma.
Testing was performed on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) esophageal adenocarcinoma tissue.
Initially, the 8G7g3/1 clone of TTF-1 was reported to be positive in 76% of pulmonary adenocarcinomas.
An EGD with biopsy was subsequently done and confirmed the diagnosis adenocarcinoma in the 2nd/3rd part of the duodenum.
Nonintestinal-type adenocarcinomas are subclassified as low-and high-grade tumors.
Despite the association between gastro-oesophageal reflux, the development of Barrett's metaplasia and oesophagogastric adenocarcinoma, the true incidence of OGJ adenocarcinoma secondary to Barrett's metaplasia and the impact of surveillance endoscopy remains unclear [1].
PRIMARY ADENOCARCINOMAS of the vulva are rare neoplasms.
The total included 4,650 adenocarcinomas and 21,434 squamous cell carcinomas.
The combination of the ING-1 antibody with the TNT(TM) System is intended to create a novel, highly selective, safe, and effective treatment for adenocarcinomas, such as breast, colorectal, lung, ovary and prostate.
Sequencing was also significant for a mutation in KRAS, commonly found in both colorectal adenocarcinomas and a small subset of primary bladder adenocarcinomas, thus guiding the decision to pursue a systemic therapy typically used for colorectal malignancies.