Adenium obesum

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South African shrub having a swollen succulent stem and bearing showy pink and white flowers after the leaves fall

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Isolation and Characterization of lup-20(29)-ene-3 28-diol (betulin) from the stem bark of Adenium obesum (Apocynaceae).
00 Table 2: Codification of species diseases Species Codification Terminalia avicennoides 1 Crotalaria arenaria 2 Rogeria adenophylla 3 Cordyla pinnata Lepr 4 Cymbopogon giganteus Hoscht 5 Hyparrhenia dissoluta 6 Ocimum basiculum Linn 7 Vernonia colorata (willd) 8 Guiera senegalensis 9 Combretum nigricans 10 Adenium obesum (Forsk) 11 Cissus quadrangularis (Linn.
Keywords: Adenium obesum Tephorosia nubica Oleandrogenin-glucosylcligitaloside Antiviral Influenza virus A/PR/8/34 (HI NT) MDCK cells MTT assay
Today, however, her most impressive collection comprises the desert rose, Adenium obesum, which she displays in pots clustered together near the front of the house.