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plant that grows on or among rocks or is suitable for a rock garden

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The Tumaini buyout adds to the acquisition of Ukwala Supermarkets by Choppies of Botswana in 2015, which has since pursued an aggressive expansion drive that has seen it increase its store count.The Adenia deal is the latest among the 24 PE deals announced in 2018, the largest share in the region, compared with 18 in 2017, according to East Africa Venture Capital.
Stenodactylin is a highly toxic lectin purified from the caudex of Adenia stenodactyla (Pelosi et al.
All tested toxic lectins are retrogradely transported in peripheral nerves, whereas only Adenia toxins are also retrogradely transported in the central nervous system (Monti et al.
The development of a tissue culture methodology can provide an alternate means for the mass production of Adenia hondala to satisfy the demand in the market and also for reintroduction programme for conservation.
One-year-old plants of Adenia hondala grown and maintained in the green house, Department of Botany, Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Kochi were used as the source of explant.
Participo de forma muy activa en las sesiones cientificas de la sociedad diversos temas como: hemiplejia (147), diatesis (148), catalepsia (149), analisis y clasificacion de las agues (150), diabetes sacarina (151), pellagra (152), herpetismo (153), adenia (154), ulcera gastrica (155), menstruacion (156), litiasis urica (157), artritis de rodilla (158), escrofulosis (159), tuberculosis osea (160), instalaciones hidroterapicas (161) o mesas de regimen (162); asi como en la sesion necrologica dedicada a D.
currorii (Vitaceae); Adenia pechuelii (Passifloraceae); Sterculia quinquiloba (Sterculiceae); and Ceraria namaquensis (Portulacaceae).
Opiliaceae Opilia Oxalidaceae Oxalis Paeoniaceae Paeonia Passifloraceae (c) Passiflora, Adenia, Crossostema, etc.
A polyacetylenic diepoxide compound gummiferol (93) was isolated from the leaves of Adenia gummifera (Passifloraceae) by KB cytotoxicity-guided fractionation.
Table 2 Cytotoxicity of gummiferol (93) isolated from Adenia ummifera.
VENICE, FL Stella Adenia Keenan (91), passed away in Venice, Florida Thursday, Sept 20th.