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Adenanthera pavonina seeds were collected in Fortaleza, CE, Brazil, between July and October of 2015.
Structural and mechanistic insights into a novel non-competitive Kunitz trypsin inhibitor from Adenanthera pavonina L.
A Kunitz-type inhibitor of coleopteran proteases, isolated from Adenanthera pavonina L.
tetrodonta (Darwin stringybark), Syncarpia glomulifera (turpentine) Brazil Adenanthera pavonina Australia, Africa, Asia, (circassian seed), Cassia Caribbean, Central America, grandis (carao), Erythrinia Fiji, New Zealand, South velutina (coral tree), E.
[27.] Ezeagu IE, Gopal KAG, Khatoon S and R Gowda Physico-Chemical characterization of seed oil and nutrient assessment of Adenanthera pavonina: an underutilized tropical legume.
Wajo Adenanthera pavonina, a hardwood tree with bright red seeds and edible leaves (field indetification, 2008) * Scientific indentifications are mostly drawn form Verheijen 1984 and 1990.
Nashikkar (1994) on Wheat and maize, Sharma et al., (1997) on Urd bean, Kannabiran and Harilal (1998) on Vigna mungo , Krishna and Viyaya Kumar (2000) on Adenanthera pavonina, Suresh Babu et al., (2000) on Oryza sativa, Augusthy and Mani (2001) on Vigna radiatus, Pradhan etal.
The main traditional, often aboriginally-introduced, species found in villages and house-yard gardens, in permanent village tree groves, and as protected or deliberately planted intercrops in food gardens, include: coconut palms, a wide range of banana and plantain cultivars, breadfruit, sago palm, nut trees (Canarium spp., Barringtonia edulis, Inocarpus fagifer, and Terminalia catappa), edible pandanus (Pandanus spp.), Malay or mountain apple (Syzygium malaccense), oceanic litchi (Pometia pinnata), Polynesian vi-apple (Spondius dulcis), pommelo (Citrus maxima), joint-fir (Gnetum gnemon), edible figs (Ficus spp.), dragon plum (Dracontomelon vidense), red-bead tree (Adenanthera pavonina), and a number of palms, including the betelnut (Areca catechu) and Pritchardia and Veitchia spp.
Se han evaluado extractos semipuros de semillas de Brachiaria decumbens Stapt, Canavalia ensiformis L., Vicia faba L., Ervthrina rubrinervia Kunth, Adenanthera pavonica L., Acacia melanoxylum L.