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(48) Hassen Hussein, and Mohammed Ademo, "Ethiopia: Oromo and Amhara MPs Boycott Parliament as Winds of Change and a Bitter Power Struggle Reaches Legislature," Opride, 12/22/2017.
"Our great city is in debt to you every day," Quinn said, according to (https://twitter.com/OPride) Mohammed Ademo , an independent journalist, who tweeted throughout the event.
Finance union UNIFI are staging ademo outside the bank's HQ in Edinburgh on Thursday.
"Most activists in the diaspora are people pushed out of the political process and into exile by the regime in Ethiopia," says Mohammed Ademo, a journal- ist in Washington, DC.
ADEMO tape made by two brothers for their fellow bandmates led to the creation of one of Wales's leading rock combos.
A number of new chefs will be showcasing their skills in the food hall's cookery theatre, where there will fun and mouthwatering ademos all weekend long.
De acuerdo con la teoria de paneles dinamicos, y dadas las caracteristicas de este conjunto de datos (N pequeno y T grande), es posible su estimacion sin necesidad de incluir variables instrumentales mediante efectos de corte transversal (Baltagi, 2008), ademos se tiende a reducir el problema de correlacion serial entre las variables explicativas y el termino residual (Gujarati y Porter, 2010).
That such precautions--surprising in an ideal state, but politically savvy--are necessary, is indicated by the fact that the prince, once called Barzanes (meaning, it seems, son of Zeus) is now Ademos: perhaps less "Peopleless," as proposed by the Cambridge editors, than "Nondemocrat" (A-demos).
Ademos, las personas entrevistadas que tenian hijos tu-vieron mas probabilidades que sus contrapartes nuliparas de reportar el uso de metodos distintos a los de barrera solamente (65% vs.