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the state capital of South Australia

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The transaction includes Lantheus' radiopharmacy servicing business in greater Melbourne, Victoria and in greater Adelaide, South Australia.
Handball continues in Australia with the next tournament being the Australian Three-Wall Championships over the Easter period of March 25-28 in Adelaide, South Australia.
The author is a high school history teacher living and working in Adelaide, South Australia. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Project Owner: South Australian Government/South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide, South Australia
With facilities and operations based in Adelaide, South Australia, Vinocors product portfolio includes cork, screw caps, customized glass bottles and champagne hoods and capsules.
Research scientist and international agriculture/human health program manager based at the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, University of Adelaide, South Australia. Activities include agronomic biofortification of food crops with micronutrients to reduce human and animal malnutrition and disease; conducting agronomic field, glasshouse and growth chamber trials; establishment and management of international nutrition programs, in particular those based on improved micronutrient and vitamin delivery via food systems; development of functional foods.
Sandra Hodge, from the Lung Research Laboratory at the Hanson Institute in Adelaide, South Australia, found that antibiotic treatment with azithromycin enables better control of the epithelial cells (which form a protective barrier and line the hollow organs and glands of the body) in COPD patients' airways.
Adelaide, South Australia.
Farmingdale, NY, June 26, 2014 --( Richard Deane Terrell was born in Adelaide, South Australia. He is the Professor Emeritus at ANU College of Business and Economics, the Australian National University.
Beach Energy Limited (ASX:BPT) is a long established oil and gas Exploration and Production Company, based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Joining the Bandits in 2012 will be ex-Edinburgh skipper Matthew Wethers, a native of Adelaide, South Australia, but resident in the UK.
The late Joan Gully (nee Hennig), of Adelaide, South Australia, was a penpal of Meltham woman Mary Greenwood (nee Byram) during the war.
"I will join the Santos Tour Down Under held in Adelaide, South Australia from January 20 to 27.
Watt Packer is to become managing director of Norbar Torque Tools Pty, based in Adelaide, South Australia and with offices in Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.
of Adelaide, South Australia) present a method for measuring trade costs as the difference between the value of goods at the point of export and their value after clearing customs in the importing country, excluding import duties.
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