great adductor muscle

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the muscle that adducts and extends the thigh

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Finally, a Syngo system (Siemens, Berlin and Munich, Germany) measured the NEP of the adductor magnus muscle as an example.
The NEP of the adductor magnus muscle was selected for localization measurements and identified as follows: L'/L x 100 % = 22.
Distally, the artery lies deep in the major gluteal muscle and follows a course along the adductor magnus muscle.
The second instance was anterior to the proximal part of the adductor magnus muscle, where the posterior division is crossed by the arterial anastomosis between the muscular branches of the medial circumflex femoral artery and the anterior branch of the obturator artery (Figure 4).
A Liverpool spokesman said: "A scan has confirmed a tear in the adductor magnus muscle in his right leg, and he is expected to be out between seven to 10 days.
2+] activated force of skinned fibers from the soleus, cardiac and adductor magnus muscles of rabbits.