musculus adductor longus

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the long adductor muscle of the thigh

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1 = Pectineus muscle, 2 = PMB belongs to femoral nerve, 3 = Gracilis muscle, 4 = GMB, 5 = Adductor longus muscle, 6 = ALMB, 7 = Adductor brevis muscle, 8 = ABMB, 9 = Adductor magnus muscle, 10 = AMMB.
Successful block was defined as the absence of any contraction of the adductor longus muscle with stimulation after performing ONB or during surgery.
ON, obturator nerve; AL, adductor longus muscle; AB, adductor brevis muscle; AM, adductor magnus muscle; PE, pectineus muscle; OE, obturator externus muscle; SPR, superior pubic ramus; GR, gracilis muscle.
[13] reported the case of a 23-year-old female with a 6 cm adductor longus muscle lesion, presenting 5 years after initial resection of an 11 cm small bowel GIST.
"He has been diagnosed with a haematoma but also a partial disconnection of nerve fibres in the adductor longus muscle.
Complete osseous avulsion of the adductor longus muscle: acute repair with three fiberwire suture anchors.
The sartorius muscle was detached from its proximal attachment, and the femoral triangle was dissected free to reveal the femoral vessels and their branches, the pectineus, and the adductor longus muscles. The adductor longus muscle was divided transversely 1-2 cm below its origin.