musculus adductor hallucis

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the adductor muscle of the great toe

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The medial capsule and collateral ligaments attenuate, and the lateral structures, including the deep transverse intermetatarsal ligament, the lateral sesamoid complex, and the adductor hallucis muscle, tighten to produce a lateral pull on the phalanx.
ART was administered to the extensor digitorum, extensor hallucis brevis, and adductor hallucis. The extensor digitorum is responsible for extension of the toes and the extensor hallucis brevis is responsible for extension of the big toe.
Mann reported activity of the intrinsic muscles, adductor hallucis brevis, flexor hallucis brevis, flexor digitorum brevis, and abductor digiti minimi in stabilizing the transverse tarsal joint during the stance phase of gait.
At the appex of the medial malleolus and at the superior margin of the adductor hallucis muscle, the muscle quickly becomes a tendon that runs lateral and then anterior and superior to the lateral plantar neurovascular bundle.