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a printer that automatically prints addresses on letters for mailing

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Problem.--No procedure existed to make sure the addressograph that traveled with the patient and was used to stamp requisitions actually matched the patient's wristband.
If the order was prepaid, two sets of addressograph plates containing the mailing address would be prepared.
I had signed up with an employment agency and was sent to Southalls in Alum Rock (later Smith & Nephew) to work on an addressograph machine in the comptometer room.
Health care providers have materials available to prompt and aid the discussion of preterm birth with patients, notably the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Patient Addressograph. Dissemination of information should be tailored to the specific needs of the patient and provided at the appropriate time.
In two of the cases it was because the wrong "addressograph label" was put on the patient's referral cards in clinic.
A little girl in the print shop--hovering at the clacking Addressograph, sitting astride a massive roll of newsprint like a pony and rocking it gently, darting toward the press and grabbing just-printed sections just like the men did--was tolerated but not encouraged.
We took it out of his hands and got an addressograph machine.
In 1949 Army finance students received instruction in such topics as military pay, travel, disbursing, and auditing for public funds by using the "latest" equipment: addressograph, graphotype, and money-listing and check-writing machines.
"How convenient that these young Kentucky men, smelling of beer and Camels, their bodies so lean they had no hips, a T-shirt sleeve swollen because it was folded back over a cigarette pack above a tattoo--how convenient they were for hire." He writes that he was "in a fever of desire for these hillbilly boys perched on the Fountain Square railing." He'd cash his weekly paycheck from his job at his father's Addressograph machine company and head over to where the boys were hanging out.
Most hospitals use embossed card systems, often called "blue cards." Using addressograph machines, in formation from the blue card is imprinted onto patient wristbands and pre-printed forms that are attached to the patient's chart.
Podhajny joined Addressograph Multigraph, which had a state-of-the-art lab but was beginning its industry decline.
Addressograph, a leading name in Healthcare Patient ID Systems, introduces to long-term care providers an affordable, efficient system to capture resident information.
ADDRESSOGRAPH ID MARKING Mark Hathaway, Product Manager
The list was kept on "addressograph plates"--metal strips embossed with names and addresses.
Attorneys sometimes find discrepancies by inspecting markings stamped on the records by an addressograph (usually a purple stamped notation of the patient's name, address, and hospital room number in the upper right corner of pages) or comparing chart entries with other documents that hospital staff generate, such as logs of patients in labor and delivery.