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a printer that automatically prints addresses on letters for mailing

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No procedure existed to make sure the addressograph that traveled with the patient and was used to stamp requisitions actually matched the patient's wristband.
He'd cash his weekly paycheck from his job at his father's Addressograph machine company and head over to where the boys were hanging out.
Podhajny joined Addressograph Multigraph, which had a state-of-the-art lab but was beginning its industry decline.
For many years, healthcare providers have been using Addressograph equipment to capture patient information Onto various forms.
Attorneys sometimes find discrepancies by inspecting markings stamped on the records by an addressograph (usually a purple stamped notation of the patient's name, address, and hospital room number in the upper right corner of pages) or comparing chart entries with other documents that hospital staff generate, such as logs of patients in labor and delivery.
It used typewriters long before they became commonplace, and in 1919 Powers punched-card accounting machinery was introduced, followed by the Addressograph, a machine that freed clerks from the drudgery of addressing thousands of envelopes every week.
Identifying information is stamped in ink using an addressograph, as it is on all patient-specific documents.
I was the business manager for a large publisher when mandatory zip coding forced us to convert our mailing lists from metal Addressograph plates to computer--mainframe, of course--and we are still having problems with our current service bureau, almost a year after the conversion.
Dad is a philanderer: our hero mimes his father's sexual exploitation of Alice, the class evil made explicit: "I'd used and discarded him--just as my dad had mistreated Alice, the Addressograph operator.
Therefore, new chairs, desks, filing cabinets, typewriters, a multilith machine and an addressograph were purchased so that extensive savings could be effected on operations and the Society could serve as many as 10,000 members.
Companies in which Stonewood Capital has invested include Addressograph Bartizan LLC (Ontario), Cavert Wire, ClubCom, Emglo Products, Inmedius, NewBold Corporation, Plan4Demand Solutions, Precision Therepeutics, TeenFX.
Our house list of subscribers and prospects was maintained on Addressograph plates and envelopes were run off by a service down the street.
Prior to joining Sonitor, Don Zeppenfeld most recently served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Newbold Corporation, an e-forms and patient identification company, where he oversaw the company's Addressograph Healthcare Division.
The Addressograph Plastic Card Embossing System is an addition to Addressograph's line of embossing and imprinting identification products.