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Antonyms for adduct

a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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The data shown in table 4 indicate that the adjusted A-400G silica formula produced a compound with comparable compound density and crosslink density (i.e., elongation) to the current conventional HDS (Hi-Sil HDP-320G silica)/in-situ silane addition compound produced in this 16 liter pilot plant intensive mixer study.
An adjusted model passenger tread compound containing A-400G silica using 8% more filler, 43% more sulfur, 88% more CBS and 75% less toxic DPG produced a cure profile that was equal to or better than the cure profile associated with a typical current conventional HDS/in-situ silane addition compound. This adjusted formula produced a compound with comparable compound density as well as crosslink density while showing significant improvements in scorch safety, viscosity, reinforcement and dynamic properties.
The addition compounds of cyclic ethers with boron trifluoride.
The addition compounds of some sulfides with boron trifluoride and with boron trichloride.