Addison's disease

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a glandular disorder caused by failure of function of the cortex of the adrenal gland and marked by anemia and prostration with brownish skin

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The diagnosis of an Addisonian crisis is made based on clinical signs, history, signalment (age, breed, and sex), a physical exam, and Woodwork.
Maybe a model of wandering in a garden (which embraces both "variety" and "action") could be a better (and perhaps more authentic) paradigm of the Addisonian aesthetic experience (17) than the (Kantian) "free play of our mental powers." In short, Addison's contribution to the emergence of modern aesthetics is reduced to only an illustration of one element of Guyer's tripartite model, by means of a rather wishful and retrospectively ordered interpretation.
Comic laughter for the gentleman humorist is Addisonian: amiable and tolerant when possible, with benevolence always at the core of whatever raillery seems necessary.
to any periodical paper, on the Addisonian model, published in Great Britain" (Drake iv).
One of these patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus has developed generalized MG, Addisonian pernicious anaemia, adrenalitis and thyroiditis which did not fit into the Type 1 or Type 2 classical polyendocrine deficiency syndromes (11).
A family history, abdominal symptoms, Addisonian features and absent oligoclonal bands should prompt testing for very long chain fatty acids and/or leukocyte enzyme abnormalities.
Uncontrolled cases may fulminate in a life-threatening state termed addisonian crisis.
Second, Franklin adapts the Addisonian model of urbane wit to the vernacular voice of an uneducated, middle-class widow.
When corticosteroids of therapeutic doses have been given for any length time, sudden withdrawal can lead to acute adrenal insufficiency and thus Addisonian crisis.
Patients receiving cortisone replacement therapy should be observed for signs of both undermedication (addisonian crisis), and overmedication (cushingoid symptoms).
Belonging to the same tradition as the celestial voyage poems discussed earlier, Barbauld incorporates the Addisonian sublime.
In the course of a single page, "wonder" deliberately appears five more times, and through this repetition, the word metamorphoses from an Addisonian term for the emotion of Novelty ("filled the mind") into a synonym for the restless curiosity of a busybody ("So wondered, so talked Mrs.
By contrast, the essay of Addisonian judgment is superior to its counterparts (that is, the salon, the letter, the coffeehouse) because, to Woolf, it seems bolder, more individualistic, and less porous to corrupting influences.