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Synonyms for addiction

love of


  • love of
  • passion for
  • attachment to
  • affection for
  • fondness for
  • zeal for
  • fervour for
  • ardour for

Synonyms for addiction

being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

an abnormally strong craving

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(Roman law) a formal award by a magistrate of a thing or person to another person (as the award of a debtor to his creditor)

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Smoking or inhaling marijuana-the most common routes speed drug uptake and the effects of cannabinoids on reward processing, which increases addictiveness.
Of the reasons listed above, you can't change the availability, convenience, addictiveness or employee perceptions of your cigarettes, so that leaves one factor you actually can affect: you can make losses more noticeable.
The older 'Lemmings' fans around us will recognise hints of that old-school addictiveness, and while the furry creatures have been replaced by slime, you may be the one in danger of falling off a cliff, you'll be so fixated on your iPhone screen.
Thus its conclusion: "The criteria for dependence established in humans indicate that tobacco has a high addictive potential, but it remains difficult to assess the addictiveness of individual additives.
Watt thinks the reason for the restaurant's impressive success is fairly obvious: "I think there's a certain addictiveness to the food, to be honest.
Elsewhere, Slam's perennial favourite Positive Education gets a big bass boost by D'Julz while Harvey McKay's Disturb The Bird's addictiveness is given extra kick by Gary Beck.
Researchers have identified a key epigenetic mechanism in the brain that helps explain cocaine's addictiveness, according to research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health.
They misjudged the addictiveness of smoking and wrongly assumed that wanting to quit was enough.
Beliefs about the addictiveness of tobacco were assessed in order to explore possible underlying factors influencing attitudes towards litigation in New Zealand.
The addictiveness, pervasiveness, and sheer dominance of the mobile device make it central to this transformation.
In reality, accurate and independent measurement and monitoring of addictiveness and toxicity of tobacco smoke is an essential precondition to any regulation of product modification-and it is not at all clear that such testing is technically possible at the present time.
He includes vignettes on the key whistleblowers who exposed the health risks and addictiveness of cigarettes and follows several of the pioneering litigators who fought the cigarette companies in court.
They also perceive smoking prevalence to be higher than it is, tend to be rebellious, have weaker commitments to school or religion, have less knowledge of the adverse consequences and addictiveness of smoking, and believe it can control weight and negative moods.
Others voiced their concerns, including Sir Francis Bacon who warned of the addictiveness of the weed.
5 million to settle criminal and civil claims they misled patients and doctors as to the addictiveness of the drug Oxycontin.