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Synonyms for addiction

love of


  • love of
  • passion for
  • attachment to
  • affection for
  • fondness for
  • zeal for
  • fervour for
  • ardour for

Synonyms for addiction

being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

an abnormally strong craving

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(Roman law) a formal award by a magistrate of a thing or person to another person (as the award of a debtor to his creditor)

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Considerably more longitudinal research is needed in order to better ascertain addictiveness levels among e-cigarette users.
Future expansion plans include a foray into the gaming industry, which Hachem hopes will generate strong income through the 'stickiness' -- the technological term for addictiveness -- of their products.
Addictiveness also figures as a constant undercurrent in Michael Calvin's Living on the Volcano (Century), in which in-depth interviews with football managers build an authoritative picture of what it is like to work in a world where "common sense is not very common" and "there is a lot of undiagnosed depression", but in which most of those who are sacked dream only of returning.
Accompanied by the fact that many of these drugs are associated most commonly with addictiveness, cardiovascular risk and psychiatric effects, it seems many of these APIs are doomed to failure simply because of the patient group and lack of predictability.
Rewega conveyed that choosing the "Clean Choice Award" winners was a six-pronged process that involved taste, mouth feel, addictiveness, Clean Eating-approved ingredients, responsible packaging, and timesaving convenience.
Be beware of its addictiveness, but at the same time, just let your kids enjoy the game.
about the addictiveness of and the deadly chemicals in their cigarettes".
And while the pro-pot lobby cherry-picks data to support its arguments (denying marijuana's addictiveness, for example), so too do anti-marijuana groups, which play up pot's dangers.
let users experience the addictiveness of high quality video as a service.
But fixed-odds betting terminals will be hit with 25% rates in recognition of their addictiveness to gamblers.
In 2007, Purdue Pharma and three of its executives paid $634 million and pleaded guilty to charges of misleading the public about the safety and addictiveness of OxyContin.
Indelibly tied to the spread of HIV in the 1980s, use of heroin became a taboo as certain death and for its potent addictiveness.
On the question of ingredients, the European Commission will be charged with drawing up a priority list of 15 additives - that can significantly increase the product's toxicity or addictiveness - for which specific analysis will be required.
"They traditionally are afraid of the side effects, addictiveness and groggy feeling received from the O-T-C options," says Lekach.
This limited series doesn't rise to that level of addictiveness, but those who invite "Call the Midwife" into their homes shouldn't find the viewing process particularly laborious.