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Synonyms for adder

a person who adds numbers

a machine that adds numbers

small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia

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A diagnosis of berg adder bite was made by the TPIC based on the following:
It's not the first time that walkers have been told to take care due to adders in the North Yorkshire area.
III shows comparison of conventional and GDI based Full adders in terms of the number of transistors required for implementation.
But if more people are to have this experience, we need to ensure adders and their habitat are protected.
Last summer four children were bitten by venomous adders near beaches in Gwynedd and the current warm spell, which is set to last into next week, could mean there are more sightings.
A spate of incidents involving adders has led an animal expert and a veterinary surgery to issue warnings for people to be vigilant.
Barry & Boverton Vets, based in Llantwit Major, have also warned people to be vigilant for adders when walking their dog.
So that, carry-propagate multi-operand adders are employed for the partial product reduction scheme.
It's really a simple message: Friends can be adders, subtracters multipliers, and dividers.
The Welsh Mountain Zoo warned people not to approach adders, whose bite is similar to a bee string.
Adders are used commonly as a building block in a wide range of applications so analyzing its power dissipation is critical.
Adders bounced back to defeat Pont Eagles by nine runs - Adders 133-9, the Eagles 124-0.
DOG walkers and ramblers are being warned to watch out for adders at Rhoose Point.
Researchers in the North East are collecting the attractive zig-zag marked skins of adders which are being shed as the snakes emerge from hibernation.