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a digital tape recording of sound

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There are reports of Barua also resigning, but the same could not be confirmed," said Adat.
I am delighted to welcome the highly skilled and experienced maintenance and engineering teams from ADAT who will play an important role in supporting the continued growth of the airline," he said.
Opu Duma's rumah adat was built five generations ago.
It's only in the last year or so that we finalized changes to the product and did a lot of consumer as well as scientific testing," Adat continued.
The Digidesign ADAT Interface provides a multichannel link between these two digital environments.
We are delighted to have established a long term business arrangement with ADAT and SR Technics," said BAE Systems' Commercial Aircraft Solutions Vice-President and General Manager, Dr.
The President and CEO of Etihad Airways - James Hogan stated, ADAT has been a vital partner to the UAE national carrier over the past five years.
ADAT currently serves more than 70 commercial airlines.
I would like to thank all our customers and industry peers who voted for us as the leading MRO in the Middle East and Africa and for our people who made this possible with their dedication and hard work," said Abdul Khaliq Saeed, President of ADAT.
Earlier this year, Zurich-based SR Technics, part of the Mubadala Aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network, established with its sister company Adat a dedicated component support and delivery centre, Single Component Services (SCS).
Following the success of last year's Symposium on Sabah Native Land Rights: Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward / Simposium Hak Tanah Adat Sabah: Isu, Cabaran dan Prospek Masa Depan, the Symposium on Sabah Native Customary Rights /Simposium Hak Adat Anak Negeri Sabah will be held from 28 to 29 August 2013 to mark 50 years of Sabah's Independence.
ADAT is part of Mubadala Aerospace's global MRO network, which includes SR Technics.
TARZANA - As a Humanistic Judaic congregation, Adat Chaverim is the only one of its kind in the Los Angeles area.
examines the work of Malaysian filmmakers and writers (in English) who reclaimed adat and countered the homogenizing aspects of globalization and Islamic discourse during this period.
0 firmware supports synchronized digital inputs using SPDIF and ADAT interfaces, including automatic signal and sample rate detection for SPDIF inputs and automatic signal detection for ADAT inputs.