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a digital tape recording of sound

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There are reports of Barua also resigning, but the same could not be confirmed," said Adat.
Serena Muller found that claims made by adat communities in Maluku were deliberated upon and subjected to verification by local leaders.
I am delighted to welcome the highly skilled and experienced maintenance and engineering teams from ADAT who will play an important role in supporting the continued growth of the airline," he said.
In this article we argue that the critique of colonial scholarship is misconceived in important ways, which hampers a proper understanding of the current revitalization of adat in Indonesia.
PICTURE 5The five-day tournament came to end with the action-packed performance by ADAT and Mubadala teams.
Starting with a general but highly informative introduction by the editors, the subsequent four chapters trace the historical roots of adat in Indonesia.
The Malay Adat laws refer to those customs that, if breached, will be met by the application of force by people whose authority is recognized and sanctioned by society.
They occupy a public "stage" (an important metaphor for both Sanday and the Minangkabau) and on that stage they busy themselves with talking adat: they write books of proverbs, collect local lore, combine and reconcile Islam and local adat.
Central to the village is a space of bare earth, shaded on one side by the outward-leaning gables of the rumah adat (traditional houses).
We started over three years ago with the idea of creating a back support that would suit all types of people sitting all or for long periods of time," said Riyaz Adat, president of Bosaro Biotech.
The LTA will provide ADAT and SR Technics a preferred pricing structure and world class Turn-Around-Time (TAT) guarantee.
Tenders are invited for 2017 -18 construction of rajeev gandhi vanitha food processing industrial park in adat gp
Etihad is acquiring maintenance and engineering teams, hangers, component workshops and facilities from ADAT.
The award was presented to Abdul Khaliq Saeed, President of ADAT, at a gala awards ceremony in London on 8 May 2013.