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the sixth month of the civil year

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Bill Weiss is heading up efforts from Columbus, OH for the region adding to ADAR, Inc.
Both Int Panis and Adar note the "repeated measurements" design as a strength of the study.
Even though pollution levels in the study were generally below the level that the EPA considers acceptable, these levels still appeared to negatively affect the tiny blood vessels, said Adar.
Adar hopes to shift up to 70% of Israeli production to Yuval in coming years.
relates that Raba asked Rabbi Nahman why may we decide upon a leap-year during all of Adar (except the last day, i.
Mae modd cael trwydded i ddinistrio nythod ac wyau gwylan y penwaig, ond nid yr adar eu hunain.
The ADAR PrivateCloud has been nominated for the Rising Star award which is presented to the company that has the strongest potential to emerge and become a leader in the technology industry currently with $5 to $25 million in annual revenue.
On his part , Adar revealed in press statement following the meeting that the commission intends to sign a memo of understanding with officials in the concerned authorities for providing the necessary assistances to the returnees from state of Chad.
The EHP 2012 Reviewers of the Year are Sara Adar, Andrea Baccarelli, Aaron Barchowsky (not pictured), Joe Braun, David Carpenter, Ulrike Gehring, Gerard Hoek, Barbara Hoffmann, Matthew Longnecker, Roger McClellan, Allan Smith, and Leonardo Trasande.
MAE'R rhaglen ddogfen Adar Brith - sy'n rhan o'r gyfres O'r Galon - yn bortread o wer arbennig sy'n rhoi ei amser er mwyn helpu pobl ifanc, fregus mewn ffordd gwbl unigryw.
Yn y rhaglen O'r Galon: Adar Brith ar S4C yr wythnos hon, cawn hanes Islwyn Jones o Ben y Bryn, Sir Ddinbych sy'n arbenigwr ar drin adar ysglyfaethus.
CDATA[ Let's see-- some of us live in Israel/are Jewish/ we all read INN, and we're supposed to be happy just because the month of Adar is here?
When you search for something online, you're only getting today's results," said Eytan Adar, a University of Washington computer science and engineering doctoral student.
e-SIM's MMI toolkit environment enables us to activate the full feature-rich set of digital effects and camera functions simply and quickly for many mobile phone models," stated Rutie Adar, TransChip's director of product marketing.