ecological niche

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(ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)

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The basic principle underpinning the Adaptive Zone Based K-NNSS (AZ-NNSS) algorithm is that if we use the previous movement pattern to estimate the location, we can reduce the computation work-load and improve the accuracy.
This finding contradicts one of the important assumptions of Ehrlich and Raven's (1964) classic proposal of herbivore and plant diversification, and questions the generality of adaptive zones.
To qualify as a key innovation, our analysis requires that a feature: (1) be a synapomorphy; (2) be functionally advantageous; and (3) be capable of facilitating a change or an expansion of adaptive zone.
Evolutionary biologists often suggest that an ancestral species evolved features that allowed entry into a new adaptive zone (Simpson, 1953) and proliferation into the many niches available in this new zone, often to the detriment (extinction) of other organisms.
In the context of Simpson's adaptive zones, Ctenomyidae is confined to the single zone of burrowing while Echimyidae-Capromyidae occupies at least 2 (burrowing and tree-dwelling).
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