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Furthermore, there was no significant difference in mean scores of males (M = 7, SD = 3.588) and female (M = 5.83, SD = 1.602) librarians on the component of use of adaptive technology for special children.
Kennedy: We also wanted parents to be comfortable, because we use the adaptive technology for homework.
This means that the PDF should be tagged, have a base language, have language changes where appropriate, have a hierarchical series of heading / H Tags, have Alt text for images and links, have properly tagged tables including TH or table header Tags, ensure that Tags are in a logical reading order and that all content necessary to the understanding of the document be available to adaptive technology. PDF documents should also have a linked table of contents where applicable and bookmarks to navigate to content.
The process uses adaptive technology to compensate for this turbulence.
The Seika Braille Display, distributed by Adaptive Technology, a division of Perkins Products, Perkins School for the Blind, is being touted as the most affordable 40-cell refreshable braille display on the market.
The principal researcher in the project was Associate Professor Hugh Herr, an innovative leader in adaptive technology who is acutely aware of the impact of limb loss.
Combining disciplines that include robotics, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, and occupational health, a new breed of polytechnic programs is serving up state-of-the-art, adaptive technology courses for civically engaged engineering students who want to make the world a better place for the disabled.
This is a fresh feeling lotion containing adaptive technology to intelligently adjust to your skin's needs and provide on-going hydration whatever the weather.
When bundled in new systems with an FDE disk drive, FinallySecure gives substantial value to the end user by providing an Adaptive Technology with Risk Management and Productivity gains for end-to-end security.
It had been a long working day for the Saudi Arabian scholars visiting the University of Oregon on Thursday, but when James Bailey showed them the book scanner/reader at the Adaptive Technology Center, the three rallied with plenty of questions.
Papers from a June 2006 conference detail fundamentals, theory, and adaptive technology in the areas of analog circuits, antennas, optical systems, and signal processing, and examine the evolution of digital systems, the design and development of reconfigurable devices, and architecture.
Active receiver units incorporate an adaptive technology that automatically adjusts the low-, medium-, and high-frequency components for the best possible transmission.
The literature shows that successful libraries are working together to address the obstacles by encouraging interorganizational collaboration, planning for diverse alternate formats, developing standards, encouraging accessible online services, providing access to adaptive technology, and, perhaps most importantly, developing training strategies.
This latest version of CosmosWorks, the FEA software, includes enhanced meshing that lets engineers analyze assemblies of thick and thin parts using a combination of solid, shell, and beam meshes, as well as adaptive technology to automatically refine or coarsen mesh, or both.
Adaptive technology is integrated by design to incorporate all of the IP contact center technologies that typically power a Web-enabled call center, including phone, fax and Internet technologies, as well as technologies related to quality assurance.
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