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531) libraries for the component of use of adaptive technology for special children t (21) = 1.
Further collaboration between libraries and commercial suppliers is needed to remove the remaining barriers to make more e-books accessible through adaptive technology.
It is not specified whether that action envisages the inclusion of assistive and adaptive technology and training in its use, but the findings of this study suggest that it should.
Academic research has validated productivity gains of more than 30 percent for companies that deploy adaptive technology, often increasing to many times that number depending on the size of the company (larger companies tend to have a history of fewer poor "gut infrastructure decisions") and how much time has passed since the company's last upgrade.
However, a small percentage of Project Mentor students utilize the existing assistive technology as a reasonable accommodation, which is available to them through both the Center at NJCU and through the lending program at the Adaptive Technology Center at The College of New Jersey.
Data offers free help and advice on all employment matters relating to disabilities in Wales, and features a mobile demonstration unit showing how adaptive technology can enable those with disabilities to undertake employment in the modern office and other work situations.
On April 22, 2002 he was awarded the CANAIRE IWAY Award for Adaptive Technology, which honours individuals or groups that have made outstanding contributions to Canada's world-recognized information society.
One of the UK's leading authorities on computing and disability is offering employers and professionals across the region an opportunity to find out more about adaptive technology and its potential in the workplace.
Adaptive Technology for the internet: Making Electronic Resources Accessible to All by Barbara T.
Adaptive technology is the key to enhancing the functionality of any product, and we measure its return in terms of resident safety, accessibility, comfort and dignity.
Tate cites the case of a young lady who became blind and had to give up her job as a systems analyst because her company couldn't accommodate the adaptive technology (voice activation) she needed to do her job.
Through the assistance of the Career Guidance Department at Criss Cole and the Commission's Vocational Diagnostic, Employment Assistance, and Adaptive Technology Units, many of the consumers moving into apartments already have an idea of what kind of employment they would like.
Adaptive technology may be an enhancement or modification of information technology (IT) that allows individuals with disabilities to have access to a computer and information, or AT may be designed specifically for use by individuals with disabilities (Lazzaro, 1990).
Over the last 50 years, solar PV systems have evolved into a mature, sustainable, and adaptive technology.
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