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a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together

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Workshop on Individual Differences in Adaptive Hypermedia in AH2004, pp.
(1999) AHAM: A dexter-based reference model for adaptive hypermedia. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia.
Sufficient conditions for well-behaved adaptive hypermedia systems.
This paper proposes an adaptive hypermedia educational system using XML technologies, such as XML, XSL, XSLT, and XLink.
In the past, Adaptive Hypermedia Systems (AHS, [Brusilovsky, 2001]) have attempted to customize courses to a learner's prior knowledge (Kayama & Okamoto, 1998), goals (Vassileva, 1996) and personal preferences (Specht & Oppermann, 1998) without taking into consideration any form of pedagogy.
In this context, our aim is to design and develop an adaptive hypermedia e-learning system, called PERSO (PERSOnalizing e-learning system), where learners with different learning goals and different learning aptitudes are treated differently, by building a model of knowledge and preferences for each of them.
This is the crux of adaptive hypermedia (Brusilovsky, 1996).
Combining adaptive hypermedia methods with strategies proposed by instructional theory and motivation models, an adaptable tutorial was designed/developed and iteratively evaluated by researchers.
Adaptive hypermedia is a flexible system which infers the learning goal or the current learning state, by using the exploring history, the structural characters of the hypermedia, and so on.
Accompanying the previously mentioned tool, a method for designing adaptive hypermedia applications is currently being developed (Koch, 1998).
Adaptive hypermedia (AH) aims to reduce the cognitive overhead by providing navigational support according to a user model.
Design issues for general-purpose adaptive hypermedia systems.
AWBES (Adaptive Web Based Educational System) were developed upon the AHES (Adaptive Hypermedia Educational System) theoretical concepts 00.
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