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Synonyms for behavior

the manner in which one behaves

the way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions

Synonyms for behavior

the action or reaction of something (as a machine or substance) under specified circumstances

(psychology) the aggregate of the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism in any situation

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004) such that greater SC behaviors were associated with poorer social adaptive behavior.
2) There is a negative relationship between the age of dominance training and adaptive behavior of female students.
Adaptive behavior in autism and pervasive developmental disability: Microanalysis of scores on the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales.
H2a: The greater the adaptive behavior of an actor in a dyad, the higher the supply chain partner's satisfaction with operational performance.
Adaptive behavior and intellectual disability: 50 years of history and early development in education in Chile
Reported experiments in this article consequently have concentrated on minimal models and analyze dynamically contributions of agent-environment to robust and adaptive behavior.
20% to 40%), in some cases, particularly at the elementary grade levels, there was more shared variance with the academic enabling and adaptive behavior constructs.
For example, adaptive changes based strictly on the set of most recently used features may be easily understood by the user, making the adaptive behavior predictable (as shown in Gajos et al.
For instance, focusing on the threat may lead consumers to choose a maladaptive behavior, but focusing on the perceived likelihood of threat may lead consumers to opt for an adaptive behavior.
Greenspan and Switzky recently identified multiple shortcomings of existing adaptive behavior scales, (40) and some forensic evaluators have argued that there is no "gold standard" adaptive functioning measure for use in these cases.
Research into adaptive behavior has also been significant (Nicol and Humphreys 2004, Rijal et al.
Allen-Meares and Lane (1983) authored an article in NASW s Social Work journal rifled "Assessing the Adaptive Behavior of Children and Youths," which appraised the status and use of adaptive behavior as a concept and measurement tool that would work in the school system.
The investigators used the Stanford-Binet test to evaluate the children's cognitive abilities and the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales to evaluate the children's adaptive and maladaptive behaviors.
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