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Our results show that H7N9 viruses of lineage C, which were prevalent in the recent fifth influenza epidemic wave in China, comprise 2 geographically distinct clades (C1 and C2) that have undergone adaptive evolution. Clade C1 is found primarily in eastern and central China and clade 2 in Guangdong Province, and both clades appear to have circulated in bird populations for [approximately equal to] 3 years.
Adaptive evolution of leptin in heterothermic bats.
Mathias et al., "Adaptive Evolution of the FADS Gene Cluster within Africa," PLOS ONE 7, no.
We reconstructed the most likely history of adaptive evolution with a parsimonious approach.
Orr, "The population genetics of adaptation: the distribution of factors fixed during adaptive evolution," Evolution, vol.
Biologists are now increasingly able to detect the signature of adaptive evolution acting on particular genes (Johnson, 2007).
Denis Walsh discusses the status of teleology in biology, reviewing a range of positions before advancing his own: that teleology is indispensable in explaining adaptive evolution. Richard A.
When an industrial system with limited resource or capabilities is unable to actively react to environmental stimuli during the initial development stage, it undergoes adaptive evolution to secure its survival.
And, just as the process of natural selection through adaptive evolution, acting on bio-diversity and the ceaseless mixing of the intra-species genetic pool, has produced magic out of thin air, the development and protection of a rich, robust, and healthy culture needs no forcible guiding hand beyond an evolutionary enabling environment.
Genetic development takes place which is passed along by DNA to later representatives of their groups." This miracle of adaptive evolution exists throughout the Field rather than being generated independently by individual species.
Celebrations are scheduled around the world to honor the scientist who coined the phrase "natural selection" to explain the heritable process by which adaptive evolution occurs.
After scrutinizing 3.9 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from 270 people the team concluded that "[t]he rate of adaptive evolution in human populations has indeed accelerated" during recent millennia, especially since the Ice Age ending roughly 10,000 years ago (Proc.
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