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The binding of the mitochondria to the kinesin-1 motor is mediated by the adapter proteins Milton and Mitochondrial Rho GTPase (Miro).
Written and edited by experts in the field this volume includes 17 contributions covering ITAM-mediated signaling by the T-cell antigen receptor, ZAP-70 as an essential kinase in T-cell signaling, the coordination of receptor signaling in multiple hematopoietic cell lineages by the adapter protein SLP-76, an enigmatic tail of CD28 signaling, lipid signaling in T-cell development and function, the mediation of T-cell activation by actin meshworks, understanding the structure and function of the immunological synapse, and perspectives for computer modeling in the study of T-cell activation.
BCAR1/p130Cas is an adapter protein involved in many different cellular signaling processes (4,5).
Nasdaq: SUGN) today announced that Company researchers have identified a novel class of signal transduction inhibitors that block the function of the GRB2 adapter protein.
Mal and MyD88: adapter proteins involved in signal transduction by Toll-like receptors.