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BCAR1, a human homologue of the adapter protein p130Cas, and antiestrogen resistance in breast cancer cells.
BCAR1/p130Cas is an adapter protein involved in many different cellular signaling processes (4,5).
The hormone-receptor complex interacts with other nuclear elements, such as transcription factors, adapter proteins, co-activators, and transacetylases," commented Zairen Sun PhD, Vice President of Research and Development.
In the first section, contributors describe epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFRs) and their role in the ontology and maintenance of tumor tissues, detailing recent advances in the understanding of their molecular biology, including the intrinsic tyrosine kinase catalytic function and molecular interactions with other structures containing signaling adapter proteins.
This study shows that BLNK is required for normal B-cell development in humans and indicates that adapter proteins play a critical role in highly specific signaling pathways.