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a musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance

device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible


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These inexpensive adapter cards will fit in the PCIe slots if the motherboard lacks a M.2 connector (Figure 5).
The InfiniPath HTX Adapter card will ship in late June and is orderable immediately from systems vendors participating in the PathScale FastPath(TM) reseller program as described at
As the prospect walks around a particular building, a network adapter card in his PDA links to access points in and around that building, which pinpoints the student's exact Location and feeds the device data accordingly.
Promise Technology, Inc., the originator and global provider of ATA RAID storage solutions, has introduced FastTrak SX4000, a low-cost, high-performance, four-channel ATA RAID 5 host adapter card designed for smaller servers and professional workstations running Windows or Linux platforms.
To join the network, SMEs , schools, community groups and individual users simply purchase an inexpensive adapter card and aerial for their PCs and tap into a massive 10Mbit/sec of bandwidth .
PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98 requires a 486 CPU or higher, 16 MB of RAM, 2.5 MB of free disk space and an Ethernet adapter card. Considering the ease with which it allows Mac and PC network users to share files and printer resources, it's a must-have program.
By using a Type II-to-SmartMedia adapter card, users can also read SSFDC SmartMedia cards in the standard PC Card slot.
With a properly installed SCSI adapter card in a PC expansion slot (an internal plug designed to accommodate added peripherals), a user can connect up to seven peripherals.
The system consists of an adapter card, usually an SCSI (small computer interface), cable and the drive itself.
Here are some IBM error codes and the problems they signify: 301, keyboard malfunction, keyboard cable disconnected; 601, diskette or disk drive interface malfunction (drive adapter, cable, drive A); 611-613, bad drive data cable or disk drive adapter card; 14xx (xx is any digit between 00 and 99), printer interface malfunction; 15xx, system unit or communications adapter cable malfunction; 18xx, malfunctioning expansion unit or expansion unit cable malfunction; and 20xx-21xx, system unit or communications adapter cable malfunction.
Netlist is now sampling EXPRESSvault which includes a PCIe (x8 lane) adapter card with power module unit and a Linux reference driver.
If the voltage level returns to an acceptable level, the Battery Backup Module switches the power source back to the MegaRAID adapter card.
Once the voltage level returns to its appropriate level, the Battery Backup Module switches the power source back to the MegaRAID adapter card. "LSI Logic MegaRAID technology is consistently the choice of the top server and system builders who rely on our proven and stable software and hardware designs to protect their customers' critical data," said Phil Bullinger, vice president and general manager of the LSI Logic RAID Storage Adapters Division.