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Synonyms for adaptation

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Synonyms for adaptation

the act of making suitable to an end or the condition of being made suitable to an end

adjustment to a changing environment

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Synonyms for adaptation

a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

(physiology) the responsive adjustment of a sense organ (as the eye) to varying conditions (as of light)

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References in classic literature ?
On the view here given of the all-important part which selection by man has played, it becomes at once obvious, how it is that our domestic races show adaptation in their structure or in their habits to man's wants or fancies.
Adaptation, according to him, is merely a secondary activity, a mere re-activity, and he is therefore quite opposed to Spencer's definition: "Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations." Again in the motive force behind animal and plant life, Nietzsche disagrees with Darwin.
There is in an old house a friendly adaptation to the human character, as there is in an old hat a friendly adaptation to the human head.
In the 'Nativity Hymn,' 'L'Allegro,' and 'Il Penseroso' note appeals to sight (especially light and color), sound, and general physical sensation, and cases of onomatopoeia or especial adaptation of metrical movement to the sense.
In general consider the application of the statements in the text; and in the case of Robert Browning consider emotional, dramatic, descriptive, and narrative power, poetic beauty, and adaptation of the verse-form to the substance.
Nevertheless, the two girls managed to bestow the heterogeneous collection with tasteful adaptation to their needs.
This facile adaptation was at once the symptom of perfect health and its best preservative.
Her nature appeared to possess depth, too, as well as variety; but -- or else Hester's fears deceived her -- it lacked reference and adaptation to the world into which she was born.
It did my heart good to see how happy this artistic adaptation of the truth made her; and I must say that she never had a wiser friend.
This book analyzes the growth and role of adaptations of books, films, games, and other cultural items in the rise of franchises in the years between Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, from 2001 to 2016, as well as how consumers and producers defined adaptations.
The two days conference will discuss on adaptation science and practices in the HKH Region, adaptation policy and practices in gender, water and livelihoods, scaling up innovative adaptations practices in the HKH region and communicating climate change, challenges and opportunities.
Adaptations Designed by Biological Natural Selection
Part 2, "'These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends': Shakespearean Adaptations and Film Intermedia," includes: Don Moore, "Melted into Media: Reading Julie Taymor's Film Adaptation of The Tempest in the Wake of 9/11 and the War on Terror" (115-51); Daniel Fischlin, Tom Magill, and Jessica Riley, "Transgression and Transformation: Mickey B and the Dramaturgy of Adaptation: An Interview with Tom Magill" (152-204).
Jennifer Drouin's important new book, Shakespeare in Quebec: Nation, Gender, and Adaptation, outlines the vital performance history of French language adaptations as expressions of identity, resistance, and revolution in Quebec.