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a Babylonian demigod or first man (sometimes identified with Adam)

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Software AG also said that the combination of its real-time streaming analytics and ADAPA predictive analytics delivers precise business and technical insights into customer behaviour, market dynamics, security risks and sensor information from the Internet of Things (IoT).
Absalom A, Adapa R 2007 Anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine 8 (8)340-344
En el mito de Adapa, transcrito en el poema de Gilgamesh, se habla del Arbol sagrado como de un tesoro prodigioso, propiedad exclusiva de los dioses y fuera del alcance de los hombres.
Shrewsbury: KranthiKiran Adapa, Seema Bhagat, Sanjeev Jain, Shahzad Sadozai and Shawn Smith.
From the Ancient Near east our sources are The Epic of Gilgamesh, Atrahasis the Supersage, Adapa and the South Wind, and Enuma Elish.
We do, of course, possess a list of authors' names from antiquity, but the document is hardly acceptable as such, quoting as it does a jumble of names of divinities, legendary creatures and historical people, such as the names of the god Enki/Ea, Adapa, the god of wisdom, Oannes, as described by Berosus, Enmerkar, the legendary king of Uruk and inventor of writing, and also that of Sin-leqe-unninni, who is described as the author of the epic of Gilgamesh (4) and who is said to have lived at the time of Gilgamesh himself, Lu-Nanna, the author, also presumed, of the legend of Etana (5), who is said, again according to the same source, to have lived in Ur at the time of King Shulgi (2094-2047).
D S Smith Display has introduced a new version of its Adapa unit.
The game of oware has many names in many cultures: mancala, wari, and adapa are three examples.
Using RevoDeployR, Revolution Analytics' R-based web services framework, ADAPA can seamlessly deploy and score R data models.
Surapaneni DK, Adapa SR, Preeti K, Teja GR, Veeraragavan M, Krishnamurthy S.
Sulaiman Abdul Kadher [1], Venkata Satish Adapa [2], Sreeja Reddy Patchipala [3]
In this context, career breaks for bearing children are often perceived as hindering the performance of female accountants (Carnegie and Walker, 2007; Adapa et al.
13) When it comes to Eden things are considerably more complex, with the scents of distinct Mesopotamian traditions--again Gilgames and Atrahasis come to mind, (14) but also various elements from the so-called Enki mythology, (15) even Adapa (16)--detectable in the Biblical garden.
Culture is commonly defined as "a set of shared values and beliefs that characterize national, ethnic, moral and other group behavior "(Faure and Sjostedt, 1993; Craig and Douglas, 2006; Adapa, 2008).
This story from the third millennium BCE features Adapa (literally, "Man"), a first-generation human and priest of the god Ea in the city of Eridu.