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a Babylonian demigod or first man (sometimes identified with Adam)

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Shrewsbury: KranthiKiran Adapa, Seema Bhagat, Sanjeev Jain, Shahzad Sadozai and Shawn Smith.
D S Smith Display has introduced a new version of its Adapa unit.
PEO STAMIS' centralized knowledge management system, named Adapa for the Babylonian god of knowledge, improves staff job performance by automating internal business processes such as document management and suspense tracking; organizing the PEO's internal electronic data; providing archives for government-required electronic records management; and offering improved access to Web-based information.
Using RevoDeployR, Revolution Analytics' R-based web services framework, ADAPA can seamlessly deploy and score R data models.
The ADAPA Decision Engine allows Revolution R Enterprise to leverage the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) for better decision management.
In this context, career breaks for bearing children are often perceived as hindering the performance of female accountants (Carnegie and Walker, 2007; Adapa et al.
Tenders are invited for Providing 110mm dia hdpe pipe line from moniddinpalem darga backside road to adapa bazar in div.
Culture is commonly defined as "a set of shared values and beliefs that characterize national, ethnic, moral and other group behavior "(Faure and Sjostedt, 1993; Craig and Douglas, 2006; Adapa, 2008).
This story from the third millennium BCE features Adapa (literally, "Man"), a first-generation human and priest of the god Ea in the city of Eridu.
exorcism, astrology, and divination) and to the comparisons of kings with Adapa in historical inscriptions support this idea.
Adapa, "A Review of Selected Optimal Power Flow Literature to 1993 Part I: Nonlinear and Quadratic Programming Approaches", IEEE Transaction on Power Systems, vol.
Despite its small compass, the Adapa story has accumulated an imposing array of treatments and interpretations.
The joint partnership will combine the ADAPA decision engine framework for real-time execution of predictive models and rules from Zementis, with the power and scale of Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS), an end-to-end solution that includes data source integration, storage, an analytics engine and visualization.
Tenders are invited for providing of 200mm dia hdpe pipeline at adapa bazar from gandhi statue to ramanama kshetram 5th lane in div.
Adapa and the South Wind: Language Has the Power of Life and Death.