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Larvicidal and repellent properties of Adansonia digitata against medically important human malarial vector mosquito Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae).
1970) The medico-social and cultural significance of Adansonia digitata (baobab) in African communities.
Adansonia digitata best known as the African baobab is one of the most useful species in the Sahel as it represents significant nutritional adjuncts [8].
Then there are the Baobabs ( Adansonia Digitata) nestled in the historical ruins of Mandu, in Madhya Pradesh, which also cradle the legendary love story of Baz Bahadur and Roopmati.
Collecting of forest trees products including: Ziziphos spina dris, Adansonia digitata, Tamarindus indica and (Grewia tenax fruits) and the wild plant food products such as, (Cassia obtusiflora) and (Sonchus spp.
Examples of herbs used to treat chicken diseases in rural areas are Boswellia serata, Adansonia digitata, Addendum multifor, Aloe vera, Cussonia arborea, Cycnium adonense, Cyperus articulatus, Allium sativum, Capsicum frutescens and Carica papaya (Chaheuf, 1990; Pedersen, 2002; Muchadeyi et al.
Bignoniaceae Catalpa speciosa Warder seed Bombacaceae Adansonia digitata L.
The following actions will achieve the objectives: * creation of a botanical garden of native species and medicinal plants of 2 ha; * The development of a solar pumping system for watering plants botanical garden; creating a versatile garden 0 25ha fenced and equipped; production and plantation of 5000 plants including 3000 (acacia milotica, cacia, melina, eucalyptus, library) and 1000 plant species of local and / or vocation medecinale (moringa, Adansonia digitata, mango, papaya, lemon .
In Bombacoideae, the gynoecium is affected in Adansonia, the androecium in Chiranthodendron (Endress, 1994, 1999).
An increasing body of food compositional data [13-19] confirms earlier reports that food resources (like Parkia biglobosa, Prosopos africana, Ficus thonningii, Adansonia digitata) from traditional food systems could be effectively mobilized to ensure dietary diversity.
Adansonia digitata belongs to the family Bombacaceae, which has traditionally been used as immunostimulant (12), anti-inflammatory, analgesic (13) and pesticide (14).
Bulletin du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 4e serie, 9, section B Adansonia 3: 317-336.
INCI name: Water (and) propylene glycol (and) bioflavonoids (and) hydrolyzed adansonia digitata extract (and) dextrin