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2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)

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The artist originally intended a group portrait commemorating the Northern Ireland peace negotiations, with Mo, Gerry Adams, John Hume and David Trimble all asked to sit for it.
Plant and his band, which includes multi-instrumentalists Justin Adams, John Baggott, Juldeh Camara, Billy Fuller, Dave Smith and Liam 'Skin' Tyson, recently played a successful set at Glastonbury.
Some of the participating chefs will include Rob Ray, Sean Adams, John Myrick, Tim Woodard and Sam Thamatok.
Other noted speakers during the three-day event include Patch Adams, John Baker, Markus Maurer, Roger Fisher, Maryellen Weimer, Eric Chester, Mark David Milliron, Brian Little, Bill Lucas, Guy Claxton, and Suleiman A Suleiman of Unesco's Regional Bureau.
(1) Adams, John. A Defense of the Constitutions of the Governments of the United States of America in The Works of John Adams.
In addition to the awards presentation and performances, the benefit will hold a silent auction of items including handwritten and signed manuscript sketches from composers John Adams, John Corigliano, and Steven Stuckey; the score of Jennifer Higdon's Pulitzer Prizewinning, Violin Concerto, signed by the composer; five pairs of tickets to upcoming New York Philharmonic concerts, including tickets to their CONTACT!
Code zz260409JuniorX-05.jpg RAINHILL ROCKETS: (back) Luke Hudson, Lewis Johnson, Joe Scilio, George Adams, John Clarke, Matthew Cotterill, Will Hannah and Mike Pope; (front) Thomas Baxter, Jon Fagan, Sean Kelly, Alex Kennerdale, Ryan Legon, Oliver Calvert, Luke Bailey and Mike Donnelly.
Under his leadership, the orchestra hosted several of America's most respected composers, including John Adams, John Corigliano, Jennifer Higdon, Aaron Jay Kernis and Michael Daugherty.
Among the witnesses of this achievement were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Jay, and Henry Laurens..
Pictures of her there by photographers such as Ansel Adams, John Loengard, and Todd Webb increasingly shaped a new public image of the artist--as a rugged individualist whose hard work and determination allowed her to realize herself fully as an artist and a person.
SECOND SPOT: Kingsmith Eng B (from left): Janet Adams, John Langfield, Peter Fox.
Also attending the groom were Allen Drake Adams, John Whitfield Birdsong III, Stephen Stewart Brooking, Eric Parker Durham.
Were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Calhoun and Henry Clay fools to support President Madison's tariff?
'There is a lot of hard work done behind the scenes by the likes of Dave Adams, John Lewis and Dave Gough.