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Synonyms for Adams

American Revolutionary leader and patriot

6th President of the United States

2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)

a mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high)

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Like Yasir Arafat, Nelson Mandela, and other supposedly reformed terrorists, Adams has been christened a "statesman" and frequently visited the White House over the past decade.
According to Adams, penile plethysmographs are frequently used to study the sexual response of rapists and other sexual aggressors, and such studies are easy to conduct, inexpensive, and considered highly accurate.
Exploring the origins, premises, goals, and likely consequences of the Clinton-Kennedy initiative may enable either Clinton or a new administration to fashion a policy toward Ireland that will contribute to a genuine peace, not the Orwellian one advocated by Gerry Adams, the IRA, and Sinn Fein, for whom the only acceptable peaceful result is an unlikely Protestant capitulation.
After school, his first major break came when be was discovered by Graham Chapman of Monty Python, earning Adams writing credits for several sketches on Monty Python's Flying Circus and a sketch on the album for Monty Python anal the Holy Grail.
In addition, Adams has reached out to Europe, giving ample attention to the works of Dutch composer Louis Andreissen and Estonian composer Arvo Part, who is often described (along with John Tavener and Henryk Gorecki) as a ``holy'' or ``spiritual'' Minimalist.
The controversy over using the Adams Mine for Toronto's garbage, which has flared for 13 years, threatened to burn again in mid-November when the numbered company planning to develop the Adams Mine landfill was granted preliminary approval by the Ministry of Environment to begin pumping millions of litres of water a day over the next two years to pave the way for construction preparation on the site next spring.
Hancock met Samuel Adams soon after returning to Boston, and the two patriots enjoyed a stormy but lifelong friendship and political partnership.
However, by way of Baichwal's structural skills, the film manages to transcend the cliches of the biopic formula so that Adams emerges as a fascinating case study for issues central to the politics and ethics of ethnography.
Besides being something of a mythic character to Pontiac Trans-Am owners (see box, Mistakes Along the Way"), Herb Adams is an engineer at American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM; Detroit, MI).
Adams himself endlessly fretted that he might be ignored by posterity.
Adams owes his rise in the credit card business to mentors and determination
We had been looking at data warehousing and how it would apply to MTMC," said Desmond Adams, a senior information management specialist.