Robert Adam

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Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)


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Devoted grandmother to Adam, James, Sophie, William, Katherine, Charles, George, Hayley, Eleanor, Nicolas, Arabella, Kate, Matthew, Edward, Sebastian, and Zoe.
DIG THE SUIT: Left, Thornaby Community School pupils, from left, Shaun, Adam, James, Russel and James; CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Jenny, Josh, Tasha, Adam, Laura, Amanda, Gav, Abbie, Rianna and Paul; SHARP DRESSERS: Left, Andrew, Shaun, Paul, Andrew, James and Adam; DRESSED TO KILL: Above, from left, Liam, Sophie, Robyn, James, Andrew and Paul; LIMO: Shaun, Danny, James, Becki, Emma, Shaun, Andrew, Paul, Michael and Adam; GLAMOUR: Jenny, Tasha, Christina, Amanda, Lauren, Kerry and Chelsea
As commitment-phobe Adam, James, 35, holds the dubious honour of being the only actor in living memory to clench a rose between the naked cheeks of his bottom on primetime TV.
Unlike Adam, James doesn't have a problem with commitment and lives in East Dulwich, London, with his wife Sonia and their two- year-old daughter, Peggy.
Unlike Adam, James is married - to Sonia - and the couple, who live in Dulwich, South-East London, have a young daughter Peggy.