Adam's apple

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tropical shrub having glossy foliage and fragrant nocturnal flowers with crimped or wavy corollas

the largest cartilage of the larynx

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A team of researchers at the Boston University evaluated patient satisfaction after Adam's apple reduction surgery.
Simon was laughing so hard his Adam's apple nearly stuck in his belt NIAMH MARRON on cowell reaction to her routine
Mr Cummings said he recognised the gunman as Moore, and explained: "As I was in my seat I turned to my left and he had his hat pulled down, but as I was looking up I could see all of his neck and his chin and his Adam's apple.
The device is designed to provide relief from LPR symptoms by applying slight external pressure to the cricoid cartilage area located below the Adam's apple which increases the internal pressure of the UES.
Last January Bruce had surgery to have his Adam's apple removed, but at the time he insisted gender reassignment was not the reason for the operation.
I have seen people with beautifully-tailored jackets on with an open shirt with an awful Adam's apple there" Entertainer Nicholas Parsons, 90, who is campaigning for the return of the cravat.
All these habits of Jenner including the buzz that he got his Adam's apple shaved has led to speculation that he is on his way to gender transformation.
The actress was filming scenes for her upcoming TV drama "Tuffahit Adam" (Adam's Apple), when a thug attacked her and her crew.
A good V goes well below your Adam's apple and well above your chest.
I was trying to keep my eyes from his Adam's apple, which moved slowly up and down.
"In the dimly lit place where women sell their bodies, his Adam's apple bobbed up and down upon seeing the beauty of the woman," read the story.
"There'll also be some gorgeous pickles and chutneys by So Jammy from Ingleby Barwick, and some Hot Goth Chilli Sauce by Adam's Apple from Nature's World."
The thyroid gland is located in the neck - just below the Adam's apple.