Adam's Peak

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a mountain peak in south central Sri Lanka (7,360 feet high)

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COLOMBO: Sri Lanka's renowned holy mountain, Adam's Peak, which is known as Sri Pada, will be the first mountain in the itinerary of 18 mountains to be climbed by a group of Malaysians within the next eight months.
It lies at the foot of the 2243 metre high Adam's Peak considered sacred by major religions in Sri Lanka.
In his 1892 travel book about India, From Adam's Peak to Elephanta (which inspired Forster), Carpenter possibly outs himself as a foot fetishist.
Six weeks after my ascent of mighty Adam's Peak, I decided I was finally ready for another challenge ...
The 30-year-old believes that divine intervention guided her to the country's holiest shrine - Adam's Peak - instead of her beach resort.
Adam's Peak (SriPada) in the middle of the Peak Wilderness Sancutary is as a cred place where it is said the 'footprint' in the rock atop the rust-red peak is where Adam first set foot on earth after being exiled from Eden.
There is such a mountain in Sri Lanka, Adam's Peak And it serves as a metaphor for what needs to be accomplished as much as Balasuriya serves as a metaphor for the Vatican's Asian anxieties.
Adam's Peak A mountain in Ceylon where, according to Muslim legend, Adam bewailed his expulsion from Paradise, standing on one foot for two hundred years to expiate his crime; Gabriel then took him to Mount Arafat, where he found Eve.
Whether it is the main city Colombo, the nearby city of Livinia, the small place called the Adam's Peak, Annuradhpora in the north or Galle in the south by the Indian Ocean - they all wear a festive look - clean and bedecked - the stamp of eco-tourism writ large on their profiles.
The students will visit places such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Dambulla, Mihintale, Jaffna, Trincomalle, Kataragama and Adam's Peak. They will attempt to relate their readings by a first-hand experience of the religious and socio-cultural life of the Sri Lankans, and are expected to interact with different sections of the Sri Lankan society to learn about how tradition and modernity are interwoven in the lives of ordinary people.
Since my last column I've climbed the 4,800 steps of Adam's Peak, one of Sri Lanka's most striking natural features.
From temples to tea plantations to natural wonders such as Adam's Peak - the place where Adam was believed to have first stepped on Earth after being ousted from the Garden of Eden - Sri Lanka has often been called 'heaven on earth'.