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a port city in southwestern Turkey on the Gulf of Antalya


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Adalia Rose Williams became an online sensation when her mum, Natalia, posted videos of her dancing to Gangnam Style and singing along to Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice.
Alma Media will report Adalia Media as part of its digital consumer services segment as of 1 June 2012.
Among the four species of beetle found were the wasp beetle Clytus arietis, which mimics a wasp, and three species of ladybird (part of the beetle family), including the two-spot Adalia bipunctata.
JUNCTION CITY - Gladys Adalia Weaver of Junction City died Sept.
An experimental study of the searching behavior of the predatory coccinellid beetle Adalia decempunctata (L.
Para el control biologico de las plagas de pulgones, se utilizan algunos coccinelidos, como Adalia bipunctata Linnaeus, Adonia variegata Goeze, Harmonia conglobata L.
The Osmaniye-Islahiye-Radju military supply line was a railway, not a road; Greek troops disembarked at Izmir on May 15, 1919, not on May 16; the Turkish city of Adalia (Antalya) was never occupied by Greece.
Since Ariosto is here using accurate, real geographical co-ordinates, the reference is presumably to the city on the coast of Pamphylia (southern Turkey) variously spelt Antalya, Attaleia, or Adalia.
The 2-spotted Adalia is well-named for the spots on its wing covers and also has a simple black, bar-like mark on its pronotum.
Adalia bipunctata hemocytes are regularly infected with Rickettsia (30).
Escape responses shown by certain aphids to the presence of the coccinellid Adalia decempunctata (L.
Adalia bipunctata, the two-spotted ladybird beetle, is a familiar species.
A second explanation is that frequency-dependent mating success may be important in maintaining color polymorphisms as has been found, for example, in the Two-Spot Ladybird Adalia bipunctata (summarized by Majerus 1994).