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calcium blocker (trade name Procardia)

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Mylan's Nifedipine Extended-release Tablets are the generic version of Bayer's Adalat CC Tablets.
Among recently launched ASA products are bupropion XL and SR, the generic equivalents to Glaxo-SmithKline PLC's Wellbutrin XL and SR, and nifedipine ER, the generic equivalent to Bayer AG's Adalat CC.
marketing rights, including pergolide mesylate tablets, bioequivalent to Lilly's Permax; nifedipine extended-release tablets 90 mg, equivalent to Bayer Corp.'s Adalat CC; and torsemide tablets, bioequivalent to Roche Laboratories Inc.'s Demadex.
agreed not to compete in marketing 30-mg and 60-mg generic Adalat CC products while the companies "unwind" their agreement and eliminates the anticompetitive obstacle to entry of a second 30-mg and 60-mg generic Adalat CC.
tablets, the AR-rated generic equivalent of Adalat CC tablets (Bayer Corp.), indicated to treat hypertension.
and 60mg., are AB rated and bioequivalent to Bayer's Adalat CC. Among the company product introductions in 2001 are famotidine tablets, AB rated and bioequivalent to Merck & Co.
Among ANDAs approved were doxazosin mesylate, the generic equivalent of Cardura for benign prostatic hyperplasia; paclitaxel, the equivalent of the cancer drug Taxol; and nifedipine, the equivalent of Adalat CC for hypertension.