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an enzyme found in mammals that can catalyze the deamination of adenosine into inosine and ammonia

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a leading global technology distributor, today announced the appointment of Marcus Adae to the newly created position of vice president for core suppliers and technology groups for the Technology Solutions operating group (TS) in the EMEA region.
Diana DiPaolo Loren, an archeologist, has found material evidence at the former Los Adaes, an outpost of 18th century New Spain, in present day Texas, that shows that Spaniards, Africans, castas, and Indians regularly broke sumptuary laws and transgressed beyond the economic and social niche assigned to an individual of their lineage.
Summary: DUBAI - Invest ADAEs brokerage unit NFBC and Al Ramz Securities are merging, combining their strengths in the institutional and retail markets to build a brokerage powerhouse, the two companies announced on Thursday.
Por ultimo, Comfort Pratt analiza varios aspectos del adaeseno, dialecto del espanol utilizado en la extinta comunidad de Los Adaes, en Texas.
Bax; Avaliacao Da Mortalidade Infantil Em Municipios Brasileiros Com Uso De Mineracao De Dados, de Paulo Fagner Tenorio Barros De Morais, Samuel Messias Tenorio Barros De Morais, Paulo Jorge Leitao Adeodato; The Single Moving Average As A Method To Forecast Vaccine Demand In Developing Countries, de Antonio Augusto Goncalves, Mario Lucio De Oliveira Novaes, Vera Maria Medina Simonetti, David Sergio Adaes De Gouvea; e Comparacao De Parametros Cardiovasculares Entre Jogadores De Jogos Virtuais Single-Players E Multi-Players, de Grassyara Pinho Tolentino, Alam Carlos Ventura Pereira, Luciana Santos De Oliveira, Claudio Battaglini.