ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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He then advised Panelo that instead of making ad-hominem attacks, he should assert the country's sovereignty and protect national interest.
"In my opinion, there are far too many prima donnas sitting in front of scopes ..." Shame on you, IFR for publishing such a scurrilous and anonymous ad-hominem attack.
Ad-hominem attacks against Charles Murray abound (the first author, Harvard psychologist Richard J.
It is here that the ad-hominem claims of sensationalism against the authors appear most warranted.
It is, in a sense, a pathetic spectacle: an aging English professor driving a Jaguar to compensate for who knows what deficiencies and making ad-hominem attacks on free-speech supporters because, in the end, he really has nothing to say on the subject.