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Synonyms for ad hoc

for present purposes


  • for present purposes
  • when needed
  • as the need arises

Words related to ad hoc

often improvised or impromptu

Related Words

for or concerned with one specific purpose

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The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) party and nationalist party Ataka refused to include their representatives into the first ad-hoc committee due to Yanev's leadership.
He said all employees, whether on contract or in the corporations, would benefit from the 50 percent ad-hoc relief allowance.
Consider a huge ad-hoc network, which is partitioned and connected via single hop host.
The next step for the MACT Ad-hoc committee is to respond to EPA and their requests for more information concerning the formal comments that were submitted.
Certainly, there are business intelligence tools that--with varying degrees of difficulty, time, expense and resources--are capable of accessing these ad-hoc data sources and potentially integrating them into the information residing in the data warehouse.
Web Ad-Hoc is the only one of its kind -- anywhere," states Paul Newton, President of Newtec.
CGB's ad-hoc downsizing/restructuring subcommittee, headed by David Beckley, vice president and controller of Alliant Techsystems, is leading the charge on this issue.
This collection of sixteen articles on next generation wireless networking showcases current scholarships in ad-hoc and sensor network technologies.
3 is based on a centralized and connection-oriented ad-hoc networking topology that supports peer-to-peer connectivity and isochronous as well as asynchronous data.
the leader in Product Data Management (PDM) systems, today introduced a major update to its Sherpa PDM software suite, adding new features that address the ad-hoc workflow requirements of the earliest stages of design and the integration requirements for later stages, when product data must be shared seamlessly with other database and manufacturing systems.
NEW YORK -- The following is a statement issued by the Ad-Hoc Committee of Unsecured Noteholders (the "Ad Hoc Committee") of Tyco International Group S.
The National Assembly (NA) is today scheduled to consider a resolution to establish an ad-hoc Committee to deal with the Public Protector s report on the investigation into allegations of maladministration and corruption in the procurement of premises to accommodate the head office of the Electoral Commission.
The contributors address such topics as data replication effectiveness in mobile ad-hoc networks; link quality-aware routing; and an M/MMMGl/1/K queuing model for IEEE 802.
Arc-Intel to Provide Clients Improved Access to Information and Ad-Hoc Reporting