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According to the report, the major ad serving trends are: overall click rates remain stable, with growing adoption of large size ads; rich media has grown by 34% year-on-year; context is the most popular way of targeting ads; and post-impression activity rates are higher than click-through rates.
The full Q2 2004 Ad Serving Trend Report is available at http://emea.
Open AdStream is the only ad management platform that integrates ad serving, Web site analytics, and behavioral targeting in one solution.
Using its award winning ad serving, targeting, tracking and analytics platform, powerful search marketing capabilities and global network of specialized Web sites, the company has turned the art of reaching audiences across virtually any digital medium into a measurable science.
As a pioneer and leader in online ad management, Accipiter offers a comprehensive, unified ad platform encompassing ad serving, ad trafficking, behavioral targeting, a bid-for-placement system and a powerful advertising marketplace.
The IAB measurement guidelines offer a detailed definition for counting an online ad impression, the primary currency of the medium, which is a critical component in establishing consistent and accurate online advertising measurements across publishers and ad serving technologies in the US and around the world.
Previously, publishers had to manually transfer data between separate, often incompatible analytics, behavioral targeting and ad serving applications - an inefficient process typically resulting in hours, or even days, of missed revenue opportunities.
By consolidating separate page tags for ad serving, Web analytics and behavioral targeting into one single tag, Open AdStream 6 simplifies and improves audience number reconciliation, decreases page-load times, and reduces potential points of failure and data discrepancies.
an online advertising technology innovator since 1996, today announced it is offering a special package to Falk customers to migrate their ad serving needs to Accipiter.
com/reports/c34666) has announced the addition of Online Ad Serving Solutions 2006 to their offering.
E[acute accent]ACM offers the only enterprise-level ad serving solution designed to handle the largest volumes of interactive ad units while also serving lighter standard banner and text ads.
24/7 Real Media's Open AdStream offers a comprehensive platform for ad management, including ad sales workflow, ad serving, targeting, and tracking that generates increased revenue and profits for publishers and advertisers while reducing technology costs.
With the addition of Firefox support to our ad serving, we can assure our clients that they are.