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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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"In a nutshell, they do not head a service since the institution, being ad personam, confers all powers granted by the law to the individual."
Argument ad personam. C'est celui qui repose sur le lien habituellement constate entre l'idee que l'on se fait d'une personne, de son origine familiale, de son caractere, de sa formation, de sa morale professionnelle, et des actes qu'on lui attribue.
Amy Verdun is professor and chair, Department of Political Science, Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia.
It is within this context that he situates Dante and Forese's slanging match in Chapter 2, 'Ad Personam, ad stipitem: Readings of the Sonnets', displaying a particular interest in the aforementioned Filippi's Io fo ben boto a Dio: se Ghigo fosse as an intertext for the entire tenzone, which brings to the fore the convergence of political and sexual vituperation in this exchange.
In its 64th year of existence, the Swiss Commission of UNESCO has 20 members; all appointed ad personam by the Federal Council for a period of four years.
Lamborghini's Ad Personam program is available on its entire
One of the key actions developed by this programme is the funding of chairs, ad personam chairs, centres of excellence, modules (see box) within the European Union and beyond (see separate article) for a period of three years.
Even during the famous altercation between the two men, which is clouded by obscurity, Fronto promises Marcus that he will not attack Herodes ad personam (Ad M.
So he's at it again: making laws ad personam to protect himself and his business interests.
When a prime minister is on trial for criminal charges as serious as corrupting judges; when, with utter disregard for any conflict of interest standards, he maintains control of all but one of the country's national TV channels and a sizable piece of its publishing industry while holding office; when virtually the only laws he passes are ad personam measures that promote his own business and legal interests; when he noisily attacks the judiciary and journalists who dare to criticize him; when he makes grievous faux pas in foreign policy--when Berlusconi does all these things and more, one naturally begins to worry about the state of Italian democracy.
Last year, when Crockett signaled that he would like to step down from his position by the end of March, 2003, the G7 deputy finance minister sounded a warning to the Gl0 central bank governors that are calling the shots at the "Tower of Basel": that the chairmanship of the Financial Stability Forum was given to Crockett "ad personam" and that, therefore, the G7 ministers would like to preserve the option to come up with a high-caliber finance official to chair the Forum.