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again and again


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We don't do promotional interviews," said the third-rate Paxman who'd been badgering Avengers star RDJ about his druggy past, which has been written about ad nauseum.
In my nephew's home (my son's cousins), the expectation is for their children to use the ma'am/sir terms for every person and for every possible scenario -- ad nauseum.
It is the most common of human traits repeated ad nauseum across the ages.
If they had just gone with an equally wishy- washy phrase, but one worded better -- such as Thursday's line about the " support and facilitation" of the Pakistani Army, a claim that is made ad nauseum on the LoC -- the entire controversy would have been avoided.
Only apprehension and prosecution, licence suspension and heavy fines, as your readers have said ad nauseum (and the cops ignore ad infinitum) will instil discipline.
Like Pinsky before him, Levine boasts ad nauseum of having blue-collar roots, though spent his entire adult life as a tenured academic at UCal (1958-1992), then as well-remunerated writer in residence here, there, and everywhere else.
Though the plot sounds like something both Michelle Pfeifer and Hilary Swank have done ad nauseum, the play did launch the careers of Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki, Yunis Shalabi and Sa'ed Saleh.
Ted has a generous smattering of belly laughs, although some of the best have been repeated ad nauseum in trailers.
Ted has a generous smattering of belly laughs, although some of the best moments have been repeated ad nauseum in trailers.
You and I can preach to the choir ad nauseum with few results.
The problem with this is that it makes no sense in the end because what the researchers are telling us would also be covered by their claim and so it is also just some mental construction, which then is also some further mental construction, ad infinitum and ad nauseum.
It's the zenith of "bad PR is still PR" in that it will be talked of ad nauseum for months -- maybe years -- to come.
Admittedly the song has been used in worship ad nauseum, and has probably had its day, but it is a plea for all of us to come out of darkness into light.
I just wonder if I'll be able to get through the crowd of D Shaw from Momen- tum, C White from Smiths, D Truly from Taylor Wessing, Eileen from Portsmouth Group, et al ad nauseum.
If they continue to eat, as some do, the vomit, delightful it may be, is repeated, erm, ad nauseum.