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again and again


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Michael Bernacchi has hosted his "Super Bowl Ad Nauseum," which discusses the effectiveness of the advertisements aired during the Super Bowl with high school students.
But I wonder how fixed his smile will be when it's replayed ad nauseum during the 2015 election campaign?
Though the plot sounds like something both Michelle Pfeifer and Hilary Swank have done ad nauseum, the play did launch the careers of Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki, Yunis Shalabi and Sa'ed Saleh.
Ted has a generous smattering of belly laughs, although some of the best have been repeated ad nauseum in trailers.
You and I can preach to the choir ad nauseum with few results.
It's the zenith of "bad PR is still PR" in that it will be talked of ad nauseum for months -- maybe years -- to come.
Admittedly the song has been used in worship ad nauseum, and has probably had its day, but it is a plea for all of us to come out of darkness into light.
Advocates of retaining tax breaks for the richest among us repeat, ad nauseum, the myth that raising taxes will cause more unemployment.
I've been blogging, tweeting, and posting statuses ad nauseum about how it's like my childhood.
Why do we insist on continuing to do testing ad nauseum but yet how we fund our schools has no impact on their funding?
If they continue to eat, as some do, the vomit, delightful it may be, is repeated, erm, ad nauseum.
We do not have the space necessary here to list the shortcomings in the state's handling of electricity, water, education, sewage, the environment, ad nauseum.
We are constantly told that we must change, be more relevant, adapt to the times, get out of our comfort zone and so on ad nauseum, as if it were time to move past Christ.
The slow-mo replay of Henry's 'Hand of God' was replayed ad nauseum for days after the match in November, as if closer examination might find further evidence about Henry's cheating intent.
And, as has been documented ad infinitum, approaching ad nauseum, the public continues to shudder in the wake of Katrina and Rita, the ongoing violence in Iraq and uncertainty about the job market and the economy in general.