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marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer

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The NAA argues that the Postal Service wanted to cut ad mail rates, by as much as 18% in some categories, in order to draw business from newspapers, making up the lost revenue with higher rates on first-class and other mail.
Arrayed against us on the battlefield: (1) newspapers and broadcast conglomerates - to whom direct marketing is a major threat - with megamillions of viewers and readers; (2) glory-hunting politicians who have introduced more than 400 bills in federal and state legislatures to limit ad mail, the access to names and the rental of lists and combat the perceived invasion of privacy.
So, too, ad mail helps pay for universal mail service in America.
The NNA met with legislative staff three times before getting language "strong enough to protect our members' concerns about the ad mail competitiveness issue but at the same time allowing the postal service to be strong in other areas so they can stay strong." It also got changes in in-county mail rules that would benefit its members.
I saw a study that reported the "average time" customers in a post office spent scanning their ad mail was less than two seconds per piece.
Some years back I heard copywriter Ed Nash comment that 6 x 9-inch envelopes are always ad mail. Since then I've looked, unsuccessfully, for a piece that size that wasn't promotional.