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marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer

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Velocity Express, Birmingham, Al, was named the winner in the Ad Mail Partnership Program category for partnering with the local U.
So, too, ad mail helps pay for universal mail service in America.
The NNA met with legislative staff three times before getting language "strong enough to protect our members' concerns about the ad mail competitiveness issue but at the same time allowing the postal service to be strong in other areas so they can stay strong.
NET Ad Mail to The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald,&uot; said John Street, president and CEO of USA.
I saw a study that reported the "average time" customers in a post office spent scanning their ad mail was less than two seconds per piece.
Some years back I heard copywriter Ed Nash comment that 6 x 9-inch envelopes are always ad mail.
Don't think a plain envelope will "deceive" anyone, because any competent secretary will recognize ad mail.
We believe that our second quarter results and customer growth combined with the progress of our newly launched Ad Mail program show that we are headed in the right direction," said John Street, chairman of USA.