ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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In the January issue of Forbes magazine, chelation therapy came under an ad hominen attack.
The language of the last lines is characteristic of the more passionate ad hominen responses to Sokal's hoax.
But the ad hominen attacks have deeply wounded him, his wife, two daughters and four grandsons who must relate to their Jewish friends and colleagues under a cloud of McCarthyite slander.
While theologians in the Netherlands and, eventually, across Europe reviled the work as, for instance, "defecated erudition and [a] masticated critique," Leibniz was among the few who saw in it a considerable threat to the theology of the day, and was determined to respond with intellectual rather than ad hominen refutation.
He then concludes the review (which is actually not of anything by Pelliot but is on Rene Grousset's Histoire de l 'Extreme-Orient) with the following sarcastic ad hominen allusion to Pelliot's reputed skill as a boxer: "Eine solche Sinologie ohne Chinesische wurde von Prof, de Groot treffend Asinologie gennant.