ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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Election campaigns are oozing the ever-popular ad hominem fallacy that the book defines as criticizing not an idea but rather the person presenting it.
Among the topics: a place for informal logic within pragma-dialectics, the pragma-dialectical analysis of the ad hominem fallacy, and gender aspects concerning the concept of strategic maneuvering.
It cannot be dismissed because of a trait of the person advocating it (a mistake in reasoning called the ad hominem fallacy).
This especially goes for violations of the pragma-dialectical freedom rule, such as the abusive ad hominem fallacy (or the direct personal attack) in which the addressee is portrayed as uninformed, ignorant or even bad or stupid.
Poisoning the well is often taken in the logic textbooks as a species of ad hominem fallacy (Walton, 2006), but some textbooks characterize it in a broader way as a more general method of forestalling disagreement.