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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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The arguments against ad hominem argument are probably the only legitimate use of ad hominem arguments.
Ad hominem arguments, which are the essence of this book, provide irrelevant and insufficient grounds for evaluating scientific theories.
Tribalism is a special case of ad hominem argument, and a particularly dangerous one.
In some instances, recipients challenge an ad hominem argument without committing a personal attack in response.
This type of ad hominem argument was effective for many years, because the Tories were so unpopular.
The reply's concern about our 'thin description' of village belief, we thought, came dangerously close to an ad hominem argument. While it never really says why the 'encounter is sold out before it even starts' it juxtaposes the phrase to the fact that our source is someone who is not from the Amaki tradition.
But such a fair assessment of my finances would not have served his ad hominem argument.
I hate to use the ad hominem argument, but is that the best the legal side could find?
Well, there's always the ad hominem argument. Condi Rice wasn't all that persuasive in her testimony before the 9-11 commission.
Attacking a person's character rather that the accuracy of his or her statements constitutes an ad hominem argument (argument to the man).
There are occasional moments when Heineman's work is clear, nuanced, and insightful, but they are surrounded by an impenetrable fog of tendentious innuendo, ad hominem argument, and guilt by association.
This kind of specious reasoning and ad hominem argument ignores both American history and basic Christian theology.
An ad hominem argument links a conclusion to a logically irrelevant personal quality.
She deprecates our attention to the CIA's intimacies with and sponsorship of what she terms "nasty folks." She actually reproves us for making an "ad hominem argument" against the agency!
Ad hominem arguments are not just a way of winning a dispute: a logically sound ad hominem argument does a service, even if an unwelcome one, to its victim--it shows him that his present position is untenable and must be modified.