ad hoc

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Synonyms for ad hoc

for present purposes


  • for present purposes
  • when needed
  • as the need arises

Words related to ad hoc

often improvised or impromptu

Related Words

for or concerned with one specific purpose

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The PCIS project was modified to include the development of a relational clinical database allowing ad hoc query in support of both clinician practice management and clinical research.
To find documents on this topic, the user issues an ad hoc query, perhaps by searching for the keyword "filtering." This returns too many documents.
We don't have a staff of programmers to formulate ad hoc query reports.
* Added ad hoc query pick-list picker for non-maskable entities.
Infobright's solutions are distinguished by industryleading data compression, super-charged ad hoc query performance and low-touch administration.
Birst technology solutions combine all the elements of powerful, full-featured BI-ETL, data warehouse automation, enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and dashboarding-with innovative tools designed specifically to bridge this gap.
Today, about 165 end users from SSA's centralised accounting department use Noetix for ad hoc query to develop their own financial reports.