reductio ad absurdum

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(reduction to the absurd) a disproof by showing that the consequences of the proposition are absurd

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Sarcastic reductio ad absurdum aside, the question should be asked how it is that responsible European community leaders, people with a tradition that has in the past built and maintained productive civilizations in the face of attackers and foes, could seriously entertain the thought that signs, bracelets, and appeals to humanity will deter a masculine society in advanced stages of the march for world domination.
There are many others but (thanks to Alanna Vagianos of the Huffington Post) we were alerted that the not being ashamed mantra may have reached reductio ad absurdum status.
Riccioli, like Tycho Brahe before him, argued therefore that if Copernicus was right, then the observed stars' diameters must exceed the diameter of Earth's solar orbit--and in some cases those of Jupiter and Saturn--an observational and mathematical inference that entails a reductio ad absurdum. Ironically, as Graney points out, a number of pious Copernicans simply countered that God is so powerful he could make stars just as big as he wanted to.
The Democrats have joined their Republican counterparts in a reductio ad absurdum brand of politics, declaring that anyone who does not agree with the most extreme abortion rights views can go elsewhere.
Pakistan's current position proceeds to reduce Modi's ambitions to ad absurdum and his actions a mere desperate ploy.
In a sense, this is the reductio ad absurdum of money as democracy.
And now the inevitable reductio ad absurdum has been reached with both clubs shut up.
I think this was where things finally hit the reducio ad absurdum level.
Historically, natural science took a rather pragmatic and an opportunistic approach towards infinity, i.e., reductio ad absurdum argument which avoids the use of the infinite.
The most exuberant chapter in the book is "The District of China is Not the District of Columbia," where Ruskola launches his conclusions reductio ad absurdum. I am a connoisseur of this kind of argument, so love it.
Instead he builds his subtle but powerful argument as philosophers do, by taking readers through a series of reductio ad absurdum exercises to show the inadequacy of mainstream representationist theories of truth.
Comprising 250 works from antiquity to today, the show includes Richard Meitner's Reductio ad Absurdum (1977).
Zeno of Elia, not to be confused with Zeno of Citium, the Stoic, but rather the purported inventor of the dialectic, the reductio ad absurdum or proof by contradiction, who in Aristotle's Physics , according to Simplicius, argued, "If there are many, they must be as many as they are.