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a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production

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In 2004, the district court, in a separate matter, provided authority for the county appraiser to assess ad valorem taxes on improvements on Santa Rosa Island under an equitable ownership theory.
10) In a tax-increment financing transaction, the court held that the only obligation of the local government "is to appropriate a sum equal to any tax increment generated in a particular year from the ordinary, general levy of ad valorem taxes otherwise made in the city and county that year.
This result contrasts markedly with efficiency comparisons of specific and ad valorem taxes as revenue instruments.
where [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] are the marginal revenue products of labor under the per unit and ad valorem taxes respectively.
The proportion of ad valorem taxes levied within each MSTU shall be at the county's reasonable discretion.
Provisions in the bill would prevent local statutory interest rates applied to unpaid ad valorem taxes from being discounted down to Internal Revenue Code's prime rate.
The relationship between demand and cost ad valorem taxes (the Musgravian transformation) is discussed by Musgrave [14] and Yang [21, 22].
While WSSC does not currently nor intends to utilize this taxing power, WSSC could levy unlimited ad valorem taxes to cover bond debt service, if necessary.
Drainage taxes are not ad valorem taxes, although under Florida law non-ad valorem assessments may be collected in the same manner as ad valorem taxes.
Certificates are secured by a pledge of ad valorem taxes levied annually within the limits prescribed by law against all taxable property and further secured and payable from a limited pledge (not to exceed $1,000) of surplus net waterworks and sewer system revenues (after the payment of revenue bonds).
Revenues pledged for note repayment consist of ad valorem taxes, sales and use taxes, mixed beverage taxes, certain direct and indirect charges to other city funds, assessments related to various types of industrial district contracts, and other city general revenues for fiscal 2007, less interest payments on bond indebtedness and any payments to the interest and sinking fund.
Series 2006A bonds are secured by ad valorem taxes levied on all taxable property within the city subject to its 11.
Both the bonds and notes are secured by unlimited ad valorem taxes.
The GO debt of the district earns Fitch's 'AAA' rating primarily because of the wealth and extraordinary diversity of the district's two-county tax base, Montgomery and Prince George's counties (general obligations rated 'AAA' and 'AA+' by Fitch, respectively), upon which the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) could levy unlimited ad valorem taxes, if necessary, to cover bond debt service.
Future borrowing plans for the current fiscal year include $15 million for a parking facility secured by the county's covenant to budget and appropriate (CB&A) legally available non-ad-valorem revenues and $40 million of waterway GO bonds secured by the full faith and credit pledge payable from unlimited ad valorem taxes on all taxable property within the county.