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a tax levied on the difference between a commodity's price before taxes and its cost of production

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Those private lessees may now find themselves liable for ad valorem taxes on the improvements to the land or the underlying realty itself.
At trial, the court first determined that the County was legally authorized to assess ad valorem taxes on the improvements; but, the County was not legally authorized to assess ad valorem taxes on the land underlying the Portofino Condominiums.
Texas BOMA pushed for the elimination of flow-through payments from the state's Margin Tax under gross-rent and net-rent leases, as well as the legislature's acknowledgement that a portion of the tax is a substitute for ad valorem taxes. Texas' Margin Tax is levied on almost all entities other than sole proprietorships and general partnerships.
Oklahoma has no ad valorem taxes on mineral ownership, as does Arkansas.
Excise taxes take two basic forms: unit taxes based on quantity sold and ad valorem taxes based on sales value.
Under QTI classification, companies that generate "high wage" jobs are eligible for tax benefits, including refunds on corporate income, sales and ad valorem taxes.
Specifically, some state and local jurisdictions do not include school ad valorem taxes or other "essential" taxes in their incentive proposals.
The charges covered unpaid value-added and ad valorem taxes as well as low income tax payments.
An additional point for consideration: ad valorem taxes (e.g., on real estate or personal property) are based on the idea that value resides in tangible assets.
Cities Gain Higher Priority in Recovery of Ad Valorem Taxes
Thus, higher ad valorem taxes would mean lower output and a higher price.
It is interesting to note that had we started with all the same parameters but with the initial stock of C[O.sub.2] above the steady-state level, with [M.sub.0] = 1.5[[Phi].sub.0], then both the specific and ad valorem taxes would fall throughout the time path, with the ad valorem tax falling from an initial 57% to 7.5% at the exhaustion date.
Because ad valorem taxes help fund the state's public education system, state lawmakers created the Ad Valorem Reimbursement Fund to reimburse counties (and entities such as public schools and CareerTech centers) for their lost revenue.
Ad valorem taxes are the single largest revenue stream and were budgeted to contribute approximately 47% of total general fund revenues in fiscal 2018.