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without advance preparation

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Investment banker Dumisani Kapangn, 27, a regular at Ad Lib, tried their challenge last week but gave up after 20 minutes having eaten half the burger.
Foram comparados os desem-penhos de tres grupos privados a 100%, 90% e 80% do peso ad lib em uma tarefa de DRL-20 s (Teste 1).
Subjects were individually housed and fed ad lib (rodent chow was kept in an external food bin built that was part of the cage lid).
It will be so nice for the guys from Ad Lib to play in Liverpool as they are huge Beatle fans.
Ad Lib is a small employer, and medical claims from its workers are spread among PacificSource's other customers, which prevents Ad Lib's premiums from shooting up dramatically if one of its employees - such as Sisk - undergoes costly treatment.
In another study that compared postoperative feedings after pyloromyotomy, ad lib feeders had slightly more emesis, but reached full feeds sooner (Carpenter et al.
They will also be asked to ad lib a response to Rhett Butler's immortal line, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
This means baby can feed ad lib and Mum can sleep ad lib.
I'll always remember one particularly fabulous steward on the way to Brussels who decided to ad lib the safety talk and informed us hard-nosed travellers that there may be 50 ways to leave your lover but only six ways to leave this aeroplane - priceless.
Mae Ista'nbwl yn brosiect diddorol - mae'n ddrama ysgafn wedi'i lleoli mewn tafarn gyda naws ad lib iddi.
Ad Lib Performing Arts was born and, from a hesitant start, the Saltburn-based group for seven to 18-year-olds has gone from strength to strength.
One corner of Glasgow's Merchant City has started flying the Stars and Stripes after a new branch of Ad Lib opened on Ingram Street.
Also, the act was so tightly scripted that one wished for an ad lib or at least a glaring mistake.
Certainly he can occasionally be quite amusing, in spite of, rather than because of, the foul language and lapses of taste, but sadly he spawned a generation of so-called comics who think clever scripts and preparing an act are not necessary as it can be done ad lib.
In addition, Dees will provide ad lib endorsements for Hansen's beverages at special promotions and KIIS events, and he will make personal appearances at Hansen's events.