ad hoc

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Synonyms for ad hoc

for present purposes


  • for present purposes
  • when needed
  • as the need arises

Words related to ad hoc

often improvised or impromptu

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for or concerned with one specific purpose

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The bidding company must assure tnat tne nign quality uninterrupted mooiie voice and data communication services is provided to UN1CEF and other UN Agencies in Albania in the biggest urban areas and also in some remote areas in which the UN Agencies operating in the country have presence on project bases or ad hock.
Islamabad -- 167 departments of 31 ministries in the country are working without their heads and governing bodies and people appointed on ad hock basis were running these departments.
According to reports, these 167 departments are running under the supervision of people who have been appointed on ad hock basis which lacks the ability of final decision making, as a result several most important matters of these departments are being delayed.
Coordination across the country's 116 municipalities is limited, meaning that operating procedures are often ad hock, leading to disorganization and a lack of popular understanding.
EDI was touted as the wonder application, but in most cases it has failed to eliminate paper from the process, as supplier invoices continue to arrive on an ad hock basis from a whole host of businesses.