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an agency that designs advertisement to call public attention to its clients


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The AD Giraffe app, available for download from the Apple App Storeaa site, helps advertisers and ad agencies better reach their desired consumers.
Historically, many nonprofits have looked to ad agencies to work on a pro bono basis, but that is rapidly changing," he said.
While a rebounding economy and money-generating events such as the presidential election and the Summer Olympics helped increase spending overall, Smikle contends that last year's gains meant little for black ad agencies.
He noted that today's ad agencies are already shifting their focus by hiring employees who have shown strength in new media and Internet advertising.
It is conceivable for the top three ad agencies to enter the Japanese market by merging with domestic companies,'' he said.
It markets its surveys and data to publishers, ad agencies, advertisers and related ad and publishing professionals.
To find out how the campaign might look we asked four of the UK's leading ad agencies to come up with a campaign for Judy.
Actors in Los Angeles plan to march along Wilshire Boulevard to the offices of several ad agencies, Krizman said.
Before selecting Dentsu, Nissan had some ad agencies, including its longtime business ally Hakuhodo Inc.
The advertising industry often gives the appearance that it is at the forefront of cultural and social trends, and it uses that awareness to persuade us to buy the next "gotta have it" product But at a time when other industries and institutions are embracing diversity, inclusion, and the American ethnic mosaic, ad agencies are not standing by their commitments to recruit, hire, and promote more African Americans.
Just because Manhattan's commercial real estate market is soft, that doesn't mean ad agencies are going to move back to Madison Avenue in droves.
The brand was launched to serve mid-sized companies and ad agencies.
Each firm has different strengths, and companies appreciate Viva La Brand's experience sorting through the myriad of ad agencies.
Smaller ad agencies tend to allow for this, are often hungrier and can provide better attention and service.
Cullers early success inspired the founding of dozens of other competing black ad agencies.