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the process of introducing an acyl group into a compound

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Vinyl ester was used as the acylating agent for transesterification because it offers an effective solution to overcome equilibrium.
The compound 1 (30 mg) was subjected to kinetic resolution in dry hexane (6 mL) using 6 different lipases (5 or 1 mg), and the vinyl acetate (1.1 eq.) as the acylating agent, at 30[degrees]C under continuous stirring (150 rpm) in an orbital shaker.
He begins with the reagents and processes: alkylating agents, acylating agents, nitration and nitrosylation, oxidation, and modifying proteins with reducing agents.
This new technology may have to await additional work, as the safety and toxicology of chemically reactive agents themselves (several alkylating agents, diazonium compounds and acylating agents are known to have carcinogenic, mutagenic, skin sensitizing and allergenic properties), and the FDA status of chemically modified drug active ingredients (such as sunscreen active ingredients) after such ingredients have been attached to human skin.
Reactions of aromatic N-oxides with enamines of cyclohexanone in the presence of acylating agents. Bull.